Symposium Ultra
Tấm Ultra có thêm lựa chọn nâng cấp là Ultra Stealth Edition được ép thêm 01 lớp nhôm cường độ cao mạ đen giúp tăng hiệu quả chống rung . Cần đặt trước phiên bản đặc biệt này.

Tấm Ultra có thể gắn thêm chân đinh PRO AMP STAND, giá tính theo bộ 4 chân hoặc 5 chân, cần đặt trước.
Giá Đơn vị tính
1,350 USD tấm Ultra 48 x 53 cm (19x21")
1,550 USD tấm Ultra 48 x 61 cm (19x24")
The Ultra retains the following features of Symposium's exclusive energy absorption design:

  Density-ordered constrained-layer construction 
  Linear energy dissipation with low reflection to the component
  Solid platform with no "bounce" for superior bass performance 
  No leveling problems 
  No leakage problems 
  No practical weight limit 
  No tuning or adjustment required- works with all components 
  Performance independent of its support surface 
  Ideal interface for Rollerblocks, cones, and all footer devices. 
  Resonance-free isolation of upper 9 octaves of the audible range 
  No interaction problems with tuned suspensions of turntables 
  Ideal for use on top of low frequency isolation devices 

With Turntables
An Ideal Ground for Analog Energy
The Ultra is an excellent support for analog turntables, because it provides a nearly ideal mechanical ground without introducing any spurious reflections or resonances. 
If you have serious low frequency "footfall" problems, however, you must combine the Ultra with a low frequency isolation system to eliminate low frequency footfall interaction, 
since the Ultra is designed to conduct energy at lower and lower frequencies. 
However, if you're serious about getting the best sound possible from your analog system, consider an Ultra directly under your turntable - which will "clean" up haze, 
improve bass, and provide added authority to your playback. 
Even if you already have a low frequency "decoupling" device (that is, an extremely low frequency isolation device), the addition of an Ultra between it and your turntable will make significant additional improvements. For a more in depth discussion of the technical aspects of using Ultras with turntables
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