Oyaide INS-SP

The highly rigid stainless spike base insulator which can be used with INS-BS.

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24 USD Bộ 4 cái
Oyaide INS-SP

The superiority of the spike is actually enhancing response, S/N ratioand resolution due to the controlling vibration propagation at a point.

Generally, for the spikes, spike bases are used together in order not todamage the floor. And it is well known that the characteristic of aspike base influences the total sound quality. The two things must berequired for a spike base; one is high accuracy and another is rigidityof the material which can bear for one point weighting.

If the accuracy is low, due to the gap between spikes and a device, theone point contact doesn’t function fully. And also, for the low-rigidspike base, the device would be not stable by cutting contact point.

We selected the best material for our original spikes, INS-SP, as a result of examination and repeated listening tests.

Stainless Steel(SUS303)
φ20、H 6.0、2.0mm deep for a spike、Angle : 130 degree
Withstand load
4 in a bo

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