Omega Super 3XRS eko newtral
Price Unit
38.400.000 VND eko newtral color
It's compact size and back tilted cabinet 
(with sand filled bottom chamber) enable an insane and huge three dimensional soundstage. The Omega Super 3XRS (also as the Super 5XRS) has been in production for many years with constant upgrades, and this latest model is the best yet. Its long production life and constant popularity are proof it is an audio classic. 
A giant killer with a cult following.

XRS stands for Xtended Room Speaker. What is extended? The all important midrange, the width and depth of the soundstage, the bottom end, and the "hugeness" of the presentation from a very compact speaker (27"H Super 3XRS, 32"H Super 7XRS, and 35"H Alnico XRS). The bass port is angled downward on the 3XRS & 7XRS, and on the bottom of the Alnico XRS, enhancing the bottom end. The wide baffles on all these models enhance the midrange, giving a wide open unboxed sound and tremendous imaging. The back tilt projects the music out into the room lessening influence from the floor.
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