Here's a short overview of our manufacturing philosophy.
We have set ourselves the highest standards and tightest tolerances for the manufacture of our products.
These standards are of a very high level and this level of craftsmanship is no longer commonplace even in Germany. You'll still find that quality here!

All milled or turned parts are precision CNC'd exclusively in Germany. However, for quality control reasons we refuse to automate everything. Our philosophy is "Man and Machine".

Every part is subject to constant quality control before final acceptance.
Tolerances greater than 1/100mm are not acceptable for us.

The platters are measured against tolerance specs before delivery. Bearings are checked after a 48 hour run-in period. Only faultless bearings are used. Our drive solutions are built to the same standard as our turntables. Each motor is custom built from many single parts. Several of these parts are specially made by us. It is this that gives each motor our unique smoothness and precision.

This high quality standard has a positive effect on the sound and in particular on the consistency and speed accuracy of our turntables. Of course it would be possible to produce our turntables more cheaply, but at what quality?