Cyrus Audio : About Cyrus

Cyrus is an extraordinary company, populated by enthusiasts passionate about the reproduction of music. Moreover, we aspire to manufacture products that achieve much more than just functionality. If you consider the art of a sommelier to be entertaining or the vision of a conductor to be captivating, then you will find the subtle electronic engineering that becomes a Cyrus audio component and the window into the full colour world of music our systems provide, to be exhilarating.

All of our models are built into the legendary Cyrus chassis. This has emerged as a true icon in the audio world… understated yet undeniably stylish. The `classic` Cyrus die-cast chassis is formed under enormous pressure and, once cooled, is hand-finished before the final surface is applied. The unique casting forms a strong and technically valuable enclosure that ensures our products are destined to endure.

Hi fi is a much diluted term today, applied to any mass-produced box that “makes music". Cyrus is doubly unusual because we design, manufacture and distribute high-performance audio systems from our headquarters near Cambridge in England. Our products are developed exclusively for people who are primarily interested in investing in a system that offers the highest possible quality in every facet of intelligent audio design.

Over the last 20 years, many exciting ideas and technologies have influenced the audio world. CD was new when we started; AV systems have offered multi-channel audio and the improvement to the performance of digital storage has been simply astounding. Cyrus has earned world-wide critical acclaim across a broad range of systems, but the common denominator is audio performance. Every one of our products sounds so good that, compared to mass-market so called "hi fi", we provide a clearly better sound. We are very keen to remind you that this has been achieved in the UK by a British company run by music enthusiasts.

Cyrus have won 26 awards and counting!

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