There’s no spike better than this one!

Levitation-type spike!!
* Hear for yourself the improvement in sound quality.
* It vibrates stably throughout the entire frequency bandwidth, thus reproducing high-quality sound alone.

Blocking vabration transferred to the floor!!
* It blocks vibrations emanating from the equipment most effectively and reduces the sound energy transferred downstairs in multi-family housing units such as apartment house.

Blocking vibration transferred from the floor!!
* The equipment is free from external vibration, so that booming disappears, and deep and soft bass is reproduced, making it possible to enjoy more dynamic and cleaner sound.

An open window
* As the area involved in operation is open, you can see the condition of levitation and observe how the transfer of vibration is blocked, increasing the mysteriousness of and curiosity about the product.

- By levitating the equipment from the floor
- using power neodymium magnets,
- the product blocks vibration from the equipment
or from the floor most effectively.

this product is a speaker stand that levitates the equipment in the air by utilizing the repulsive force that occurs between the same poles of two magnets.
The product is a support unit of the air levitation-type, which is capable of responding to fatigue load even when  used for a prolonged period of

* The ring inside the product ensures that the magnets maintain their equilibrium.
* You can adjust the number of stands depending on the weight of the equipment.
* You can use the auxiliary stand when you wish to support the equipment at a higher level or when it is impossible to separate the spikes which are fixed to the equipment.

Range of operation - separately described
If the weight of the equipment exceeds the maximum range, use additional pieces.
If the weight is less than the minimum range, adjust the weight by, for example, placing a piece of granite on the equipment.

( How to install)
* lay down 4 pieces on the floor or on a separate stand, place the speaker upon them, and level the equipment by moving the position of the products slightly to the left, right, and back and forth.
* If you use a stand, we recommend that you arrange the products on the stand and install the speaker on them.

(Caution) Unauthorized disassembly is prohibited.
Product dimensions: 44mm in diameter * 42mmin height.

1. Y1001/Y1002: Range of operation ( Based on 4 picces)
(Min) 20kg ~ (Max) 40kg

2. Y1003/Y1004: Range of operation ( Based on 4 picces)
(Min) 10kg ~ (Max) 20kg

3. Y2004: Range of operation (Based on 4 pieces)
(Min) 80kg ~ (Max) 120kg