Welcome To Convergent Audio Technology (C.A.T)

A musical and accurate line of products, designed to allow superior systems to reach their fullest potential. It's about time music lovers start listening to music and not equipment. CAT products captures the magic of Single Ended midrange and extends it down into the deepest subterranean bass and up into the highest highs while offering real world power and speaker driving capabilities. The CAT products sets new standards in true music representation and transparency.
Rediscover music once again through the eyes of the "CAT"

In a corner of a modern technology park in a suburb of Rochester, NY you’ll find the entrance to Convergent Audio Technology, better known as CAT to high-end cognoscenti. CAT emerged in 1985 as a manufacturer of tube preamps that garnered widespread praise from reviewers and owners. Periodic upgrades and enhancements have kept the SL1 preamp in the top echelon.

The designer & owner, Ken Stevens, designs and refines his company's products.  Chosing the most neutral components possible and using only those components in CAT products. 

Unlike high-end companies that aim at delivering a specific sound, CAT's goal is utter neutrality -- no sound, no character, no imprint. "Just let the music through," as Stevens says. Stevens illustrated his point with a story about a capacitor manufacturer who said, "Just tell me what you want. I can make a capacitor that will sound any way you want it to sound." What Stevens wanted was a capacitor that "sounds like water" -- a concept that baffled the manufacturer beyond his capacity to respond.

This incident was a reaffirmation of Stevens’ decision a number of years back to purchase a capacitor-winding machine from an about-to-retire capacitor manufacturer -- the only person who could make capacitors that filled Stevens’ "sounds like water" requirement. Of course, the capacitor-winding machine would have been of little value without the expertise of the retiring manufacturer using it. Fortunately, the deal for the machine included training in all the finer points of "rolling your own" capacitors from raw materials. Stevens' ability to experiment with the winding machine led to a specific set of winding parameters, materials, and assembly techniques that give him the "sounds like water" neutrality he has pursued for so many years.

CAT is an inspiring high-end company dedicated to building the best possible products via obsessive attention to detail. Stevens has little use for high-end flim-flammery designed to seduce consumers. Instead, he goes for nothing more "magical" than ultimate neutrality achieved through real engineering, experimentation, and listening.