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TIC Corporation is the exterior outdoor speaker products division and a wholly owned subsidiary of Inter-Audio International Incorporated. TIC Corp has been Researching, Designing, Producing and Distributing high quality exterior grade audio systems for decades. TIC products are considered to be the “standard” specification in most commercial exterior, in-ground, outdoor speaker installations worldwide.

Inter-Audio International's main business consists of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) for numerous companies world wide. These products range from general house wares to highly technical electronics. You may well have purchased and used many of Inter-Audio's products under another companies branding or label. Inter-Audio owns, partners and operates a number of producing company’s world wide. Divisions include R&D of various disciplines, short-run and volume production shops, injection molding and of course, speakers, amplifiers, general electronics, computer peripherals and digital media equipment manufacturers.

Original Outdoor Omni Rock Patio Wireless speaker research & design by TIC Corporation

TIC Corporation's specialization is in the Research, Design, Development, Manufacture and Supply of exterior outdoor ground based speaker systems. Having the facilities and resources of Inter-Audio to call upon gives TIC Corporation a unique advantage in giving you the value, service and attention of a smaller company while having all the supporting resources and facilities of a much larger international corporation.

TIC Original Outdoor Speaker Design & Engineering, anachoic chamber

TIC Corp. has been producing and supplying exterior outdoor speakers since the late 70's. At one time we operated under license to Paramount Pictures© developing, producing and supplying some of the most original and unique outdoor speakers of their time. We are the OEM of some of the most popular and Award winning products, including our world-renowned OmniSpeaker® series of 360º omni-directional outdoor speakers. Beyond our renowned with OmniSpeakers®, TIC also produces a complete range of exterior speakers and accessories, including the Terrasic-Stone® series of exterior low voltage lighting and the Terra-Forms® series of simulated stone speakers and outdoor sub woofers. All TIC speaker units, including outdoor sub woofers are specifically designed and produced to resist exterior elements. From Alaska to South Africa, our speakers have stood the test of time and extreme weather conditions whether in commercial audio or residential outdoor speaker applications.

Famous Theme Parks TIC Outdoor Omni Rock & Patio Speakers at Disneyland

TIC, with our outdoor speaker retail products, has had regular and or seasonal supply contracts with many of the most respected Retailers in America including, Home Depot, Price-Costco, Sams Club, Builders Square and Orchard Supply to name a few. Our professional products are supplied to over a thousand independent audio specialist retailers within the as well as most CEDIA, (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association), NSCA, (National Systems Contractors Association), and PARA, (Professional Audio Retailers Association), members. As members and supporters of the AIA, (American Institute of Architects) and the ASLA, (American Society of Landscape Architects), our products may be seen and heard, as designed and specified, at some of the most famous Civic and Civil installations in America. This also includes some of the most prestigious installations in the world, including most U.S. & world Theme Parks, the Emperors Palace in Kyoto, The Sultan of Brunei’s Palaces, Alton Towers in the UK, Shenkels in South Africa, Universal Studios in Melbourne, Australia, Louis the fourteenths Palace and the Louve in Paris, France.

TIC Outdoor Omni Speakers Award Winning Speakers

TIC benefits greatly by having the many divergent expertise and resources directly available from within our parent group companies. TIC Corp distributors and customers benefit greatly by having a high quality, reliable exterior speaker product available at more than competitive pricing from the original manufacturer with product support and capabilities that exceed competitive companies of this type or specialization.

All of our long heritage of experience and exterior speaker expertise can be seen or heard in any of our exterior products and all of it is for the benefit of you, our valued customer.