TUNAMI TERZO XX V2 of adopting the world's first 3E twist structure Chi tiết Giá: 9.400.000 VND
And high-power transmission by thick conductor also unusual 1.25 Scare as line cables, by the strict 3-layer shielding Chi tiết Giá: 7.050.000 VND
Awarded the Audio Excellence Award 2007 and Visual Grand Prix 2006 summer Chi tiết Giá: 3.525.000 VND
Modifying the overall design to yield a new type of interconnect cable, the Across 750, a cable that can take you new, unexplored heights of performance. Chi tiết Giá: 4.700.000 VND
PA-02 was simply designed to extract the maximum potential from PCOCC-A copper. The traditional balanced type wire structure would be welcomed by not only audiophiles but also sound professionals. Chi tiết Giá: 3.525.000 VND