The AM-777 Premier Class Pre-Main Amplifier breaks with tradition and possesses eye-catching features not seen in other amplifiers at any price. Detail Price: 117.500.000 VND
Cyrus Products
Detail Price: 32.900.000 VND
Detail Price: 44.650.000 VND
The KWI 200 represents the Integration of Simplicity, Purity, Elegance and Power. Available with optional Phono and DAC (24/192 Asynchronous USB and RCA), offers freedom from the physical space requirements of complex audio separates. Detail Price: 117.500.000 VND
Music Hall
Đủ sức mạnh để chơi nhiều loa theo sự lựa chọn của bạn Detail Price: 12.925.000 VND
Peachtree Audio
Power and Finesse Detail Price: 47.000.000 VND
nova125SE - Powerful Performance
The nova125SE is an integrated amplifier, DAC, and headphone amp all rolled into one. Its combination of high output power, transparent sound, and digital and analog connectivity make it simple to enjoy all of your music with uncompromising quality. With five inputs, including 24/192 Asynchronous USB, you can enjoy computer and streaming audio with incredible high fidelity sound. Detail
Price: 35.250.000 VND
Prima Luna
Upgraded from Prologue One & Two Detail Price: 42.300.000 VND
The best integrated amp in its class just got better! By incorporating the best elements of the critically-acclaimed ProLogue One and Two Detail Price: 56.400.000 VND
The DiaLogue Premium series has set the bar for what an all-tube integrated amp should be: Sexy... exotic... and built with exceptional features not found in any other amp in its class including: Detail Price: 79.900.000 VND
The World's Best Integrated Amp at Any Price. We Can Prove It. Detail Price: 103.400.000 VND
Rogue Audio
Dynamic, transparent, and profoundly musical, the Rogue Sphinx sets a new standard in affordable integrated amplifiers Detail Price: 37.600.000 VND
The award winning Cronus Magnum has garnered an enviable reputation in the high end audio world Detail Price: 68.150.000 VND
It's good to be King... Detail
12W A Class Integrated Stereo Amplifier Detail Price: 35.250.000 VND
Detail Price: 51.700.000 VND
Detail Price: 141.000.000 VND
Detail Price: 65.800.000 VND
Detail Price: 82.250.000 VND