CEC Wellfloat Boards
Giá Đơn vị tính
24.675.000 VND tấm size 35x45cm
29.375.000 VND tấm size 45x60cm
Owner's Manual
Features and Usage
Thank you for purchasing ASB4560WF/ASB3545WF.
Please read through and refer to this owner’ s manual to use your speaker board safely and adequately. It is recommended that you keep the board’ s packaging available for future transportation needs.

❶The speaker board uses the WELLFLOAT R floating system which
provides an ideal floating condition by its hanging structure. The swing of the hanged board like pendulum can absorb the vibrations generated by the installed speaker itself as well as conveyed from external objects, thus the hanged board creates the ideal circumstance for speakers to reproduce a very dynamic sound without distortions. You can expect the same acoustic e ect to most of audio devices like turntables, CD players and ampli ers installed on the board.

❷The speaker board with the hanging structure is constructed from two wooden boards different in depth. Install the speaker board at the level place getting the thicker board up (the vertical direction where you can read CEC and WELLFLOAT R characters properly).

❸ The weight of an audio device you can install on the speaker board should be between 5kg and 90kg.
Too light the hanging structure does not work properly, or too heavy may cause damages like that the hanging wire is cut o . Never install over 90kg.

❹ Install an audio device at the center of the speaker board.
Never install devices with bigger dimensions than the board. In case that the device is one-sided on the board or bigger than the board the installed device as well as the board may lean and especially speaker may result in falling down.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ❺ Installing a weight unbalance device even at the center of the board the board may lean. In this case the horizontal balance of the board can be revised by increasing the spring tension of the hanging structure. Gently turn the remarked one of the three props at the leaned corner with a 6mm spanner counterclockwise to move up the prop gradually so that the spring tension is increased and the horizontal balance should be revised accordingly. The maximum movable length of the prop is approx. 5mm. 6mm spanner

❶ Never swing the installed device on the board as well as the board.
The swing of speaker tends to get bigger and result in falling down.
❷ You can not be on the board.
Jumping or shaking on the board may result in falling down and injury yourself or malfunction.
❸ Never disassemble nor remodel the board.
The performance may become lower and the installed device may fall down.
Type: Floating Acoustic Speaker board
Weight capacity: 5 ~ 90kg
Wooden board depth: 30mm (top side), 15mm (bottom side)
Dimensions: 450 x 600 x 58(h) mm / ASB4560WF
                     350 x 450 x 58(h) mm / ASB3545WF
Weight: 9.0kg / ASB4560WF
             5.5kg / ASB3545WF
Accessories: 6mm spanner, Owner's manual
Color: Black

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