Oyaide DR-510 (sợi dài 1.3m)
In order to maximize the potential of material, we believe that it is necessaryto have the highest level of technology and method on the basis of theexperience and the data. We conceived of the idea of making a cable using puresilver which has the highest electrical conductivity of all metals.
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5.887.500 VND Sợi dài 1.3m

5N Pure Silver Conductor

Pure silver is the best material for high-speed transmission due to itsexcellent electrical conductivity which is far superior to high-purity copper.However, the price of silver continues to rise ever higher making it one of therare metals.

For the core of FTVS-510, 5N (99.9995%) pure silver isinstalled. After being melted in a ceramic crucible, it is molded into 15mmdiameter round bars. It is further reduced in diameter by means of 19repetitions of the cold rolling process.

Semiconductor Layer


When signal flows in a cable, it generates ultra weakvibration by which cause the discharge of an electric corona.

In order tosolve this problem, we installed Carbon PE as a semiconductor layer. Bysurrounding just the outside of the first insulation layer, its semiconductorlayer helps to discharge static buildup from the Teflon layer in an orderlyfashion.。


Although the conductor is the most important factor in signal transmission,the insulator is also significant in enhancing the transmitting capabilities ofthe cable.
For the purpose of lessening signal loss, we employed FEP (Teflon)which provides excellent electrical isolation and low electricpermittivity.

For the first insulation layer, we selected PE(Polyethylene) which keeps permittivity to a minimum and enhances theflexibility of the cable. This layering of these different materials not onlyenhances the conductor's electric capabilities but also attenuates internalvibration by altering the resonance point.


The ultra silent background of the FTVS-510 is provided by a triple-layeredshielding structure. The first semiconductor layer attenuates static noise andelectric micro waves. The second copper foil shielding protects againsthigh-frequency noise. The third, silver plated mesh shielding, protects againstlow-frequency noise. It also protects against high-frequency noise by means ofthe skin effect on the silver plating.

Pure silver connectors

The terminal connectors are very important for a cable component. To enhanceelectrical conductivity of connectors as well as cable, we attached SLSC andSLSB with pure silver contacts for perfect signal transmission by puresilver.

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