Tấm kê C.E.C
The CEC Wellfloat Boards works best for amplifiers, speakers, and components. We highly recommend them for our belt drives and turntables. Chi tiết Giá: 29.000.000 VND
CD Player
A double belt-drive CD transport combining unique belt-drive engineering with advanced digital technology. It represents a higher level of music reproduction. Chi tiết
The long history of CEC’s CD Belt-Drive Mechanism has achieved its most refined phase. The replacement of the rubber belt that may be done by yourself. Chi tiết Giá: 41.760.000 VND
CEC CD5 được bình chọn CD xuất sắc 2015 - DAC USB chơi nhạc số đi kèm chơi được DSD Chi tiết Giá: 69.600.000 VND