The Hot 100 Products that change the audio high end industry
Class 31 - Audible Illusions Modulus preamplifier

For more than 25 years the Audible Illusions Modulus Preamplifier has thrilled both audiophiles and the reviewers alike. Its introduction marked the first time a company was able to create a reliable, high-end, full-function, vacuum tube preamplifier at an honest price. It defined a new era of affordable performance that captured imaginations and built an audio legend.

It’s rare for a company to capture people’s imagination even once, but a true achievement to maintain that magic for an extended period of time. We believe this speaks volumes about the value, performance, and reliability we bring to everything we do.

First Stereophile review: November 1984 (Vol.7 No.6; also Vol.19 Nos.2 & 9). Even when they went solid-state to drive the speakers, many audiophiles stuck with tubed preamps because of their inherent musicality. Some writers lobbied for the Conrad-Johnson PV1 to be included in this listing, but I finally decided to go for the Audible Illusions because of the sheer length of time it has remained in continuous, if limited, production. In all that time I've never met an unhappy Modulus owner—quite a tribute, given the fickle audiophile nature.

Audible Illusions is a recognized leader in the manufacture of High End Audio components. With thousands of enthusiastic owners worldwide, we have earned a reputation for pioneering and maintaining the highest standards of state-of-the-art audio engineering and production.
We’re very proud that, for the past twenty years, our tube Modulus preamplifiers have received critical acclaim from the audio press and the buying public. Completely handcrafted, our products offer an unrivaled combination of sonics, quality and value.
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